Friday, June 12, 2015

Suzette says Merci!

Creating the Crêpes by Suzette app was alot of work, and now launching it into the world is the next challenge. Unlike my books that have all the support behind them of my publishing house, my little app just has me trying to send it out into the big world.

And so I am really happy about some of the notice it is getting. I'm putting a few links here to spread the good news to readers, but I'm also doing this to help keep myself motivated with promotion.

I was thrilled when I saw on twitter from The Horn Book: "Oh là là! : Crêpes by Suzette by Monica Wellington we want crepes for lunch." The full review is here had lots of nice things to say here including: "With the Crêpes by Suzette app you can give your child a great head start on the road to learning French with an interactive story that’s a whole lot of fun. This app’s definitely one your children will cherish."  and "Cons: None"!

I did a Q&A here with - a wonderful blog that brings together books and food.

I'm a fan of Jama's Alphabet Soup Blog so really nice to part of her post here gave great suggestions for teachers on how the app can used with children in their review  here

Merci beaucoup!  This all encourages me to keep at it!

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