Monday, June 01, 2015

Book Expo 2015 Highlights

I am recuperating from BEA! Over the three days of the convention I gathered a heavy load of books and I'm excited for months ahead of good reading. A sampling of titles: Kitchens of the Great Midwest, The Three-Year Swim Club, The Hundred-Year House, The Expatriates... where to start?!

Lots of authors and illustrators sign books at the convention but these two were special. They created little works of art in each book they signed: Liniers with his brush and paint box and Kris Di Giacomo with her colored markers.

Fran Manushkin's character Katie Woo had a 5th birthday party at Capstone.
A piece of cake was exactly what was needed by the third day of the convention.

My high school friend who is now a school librarian stayed at my house and this is what happened by the end of the trip:

And I heard the good news that My Leaf Book, my new book due out in the fall, is going to be a Junior Library Guild selection!
That all adds up to a great show! Next year it will be in Chicago. I hope it comes back to New York soon - how about every other year?


Fran Manushkin said...

Monica, what lovely news about your book and the Junior Library Guild! Fran

monicawellington said...

Thanks Fran! I had a little jump up and down!

Annina said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures at the Book Expo. Sorry I had to miss it this year, because it's always so fun to meet up with you and share experiences. I laughed when I saw the pile of books too.
Also, congratulations for "My Leaf Book".