Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mona Lisa? The Scream? Art in NIGHT HOUSE BRIGHT HOUSE?

I have been asked about this by readers. Yes, in "Night House Bright House", sprinkled through the various rooms, are miniature versions of some of my favorite famous paintings and sculpture.

Here are images of the artworks with museum links

(And in the the studio there is also another painting by Matisse: the Dream but it is a private collection)


 There are also mentions of artwork in my other books: Crepes by Suzette, Night City, and Squeaking of Art. I'll post about those another time, In the meantime, hope you have some fun playing "I spy"!

You can find NIGHT HOUSE BRIGHT Find and Color here at Dover Publications,



Annina said...

This is so great--what fun. They should sell your book @ MOMA et al. Good to have the link too--I just bought three. Can't wait to see it.

Unknown said...

Loved listening to my 6 yr old daughter read this wonderfully playful book. She thought it was so cool that the paintings in the book were painting from real life!