Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Night House Bright House is available again! It's an activity book! 
First published in 1997 but out-of-print for the last few years (except for some book club editions) I'm happy to announce that it is back - in a new form!

10 mice and one cat run around the house all night creating havoc and everything in each room comes alive with fun rhymes, such as:

"Get ready" said the spaghetti.
"Ziggity-zag," said the bag.
"Gobbledygook," said the book.
"Spells trouble," said the bubble.
"You rock," said the polka-dot sock.

Plus, for those who know the original book, you will notice I added some new rooms and new rhymes. I hope readers get out their color pencils and crayons and have fun with this one.

Here is the link to Dover where you can find it, as well as my Color and Cook series of coloring books with favorite recipes!


Anonymous said...

What a terrific looking book! We'll definitely look this one up. When my older son was little, we loved "Sally's Pizza" and "Mr. Cookie Baker," and now with our younger son we're discovering more of your books. In fact, I blogged about your book, "Apple Farmer Annie," today: http://susangilbertcollins.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/when-reading-and-cooking-collide-er-that-is-dovetail-neatly-into-the-perfect-activity-for-a-toddler/
Then it occurred to me to see if you had a website, and I'm delighted to see more titles than our library has. We'll be requesting them! Thanks for the wonderful books!

monicawellington said...

Thank you so much! Those were just the cutest pictures with your blog entry and I am thrilled to see how your son made the apple muffins!
I think he will enjoy Crepes by Suzette, if it is in the library. Also ready as an app soon!