Sunday, July 08, 2012

Summer travels #1 - Michigan

I'm looking forward to a lot of traveling this summer!
I just got back from Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was visiting my relatives.

I love this picture of my grandmother and her twin sister, circa 1900. I think they would have enjoyed hearing that my aunt and I made many, many jars of strawberry jam from the most delicious strawberries I have tasted in years.

Even after all these years of many visits to Grand Rapids I never knew about Frank Lloyd Wright's May House in the Heritage Hill Historical District. If I had planned things right I would have loved to have taken the tour inside, but at least I got a view of the outside.

And around the back:

And in this area of grand houses, right across the street from the May house, is this odd little one. What is it doing there and is it lived in?

A highlight: we got to see my daughter dance with Satellite Ballet. It is great seeing NYCBallet dancers doing new projects in new venues.  A trip to Saratoga is next!

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