Sunday, October 30, 2011

HUGE SNOW STORM - in October?!

And I got caught in it - in New Jersey. Yesterday morning I took the train out to Maplewood, to do an author event at WORDS bookstore. To begin with the weather was abit wet but kids came in to decorate Halloween cookies a la Mr. Cookie Baker (It is coming out in a new board book edition!) and my Color and Cook series

But by the time I went back to the train station we were in the midst of full scale blizzard. And then the announcement was made that there were no trains running back into Manhattan. I was cold. I was wet. I felt far from home. I was in NEW JERSEY! What was going to happen to me? I traipsed back to the bookstore.

The afternoon turned out perfectly. Another event was about to start: I listened to an economics professor from Princeton, Burton Malkiel, talk about investing and finance - not what I would normally do on a Saturday afternoon! He was fantastic: completely engaging, funny, smart, and I learned so much, and even bought his book, A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
And then the wonderful people at the bookstore found me a ride back to Manhattan with a fellow upper westsider in a ZipCar. Thank you!

The snow was amazing but by the end of the day it certainly felt good to get home!

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