Tuesday, October 04, 2011

26 Legendary NYCB Ballerinas all on the stage at once!

The Jerome Robbins Award was presented at the performance on Friday. I was so happy to be there - so many memories... Each elegant ballerina was announced by Chita Rivera in the reverse order of when they joined NYCB. Each took a beautiful bow in the center, filled with their own personality, and then lined up to the right or the left. Here they are, with the dates they danced with the company. What a remarkable group, all gathered together:
Alexandra Ansanelli (1996-2005)
Maria Kowroski (1995-currently)
Miranda Weese (1993-2007)
Jenifer Ringer (1990-currently)
Yvonne Borree (1988-2010)
Margaret Tracey (1986-2002)
Wendy Whelan (1986-currently)
Darci Kistler (1980-2010)
Helene Alexopoulos (1978-2002)
Melinda Roy (1978-1996)
Kyra Nichols (1974-2007)
Lourdes Lopez (1974-1997)
Maria Calegari (1974-1994)
Judith Fugate (1973-1997)
Stephanie Saland (1972-1993)
Heather Watts (1970-1995)
Gelsey Kirkland (1968-1974)
Merrill Ashley (1967-1997)
Kay Mazzo (1962-1981)
Suzanne Farrell (1961-1989)
Sara Leland (1960-?)
Patricia McBride (1959-1989)
Violette Verdy (1958-1977)
Allegra Kent (1953-1981)
Jillana (1951-?)
Yvonne Mounsey (1949-1958)
and Melissa Hayden, Nora Kaye, Tanaquil Le Clercq, and Janet Reed were recognized posthumously.

(I've tried to get the dates right but there may be some mistakes)
Now off to JEWELS tonight!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful event. You are so lucky you could be there.