Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pirouette to you dreams with DEAR BALLERINA!

I'm very excited to announce my newest book is Dear Ballerina,  published by Holiday House in March 2019.

In this book a dream comes true for a little girl who loves tutus, pointe shoes, and dancing on tiptoe. This little dancer loves to swirl and twirl and leap. She practices new steps every day. All her efforts are rewarded when one special day, she gets to dance in a performance with her favorite ballerina. 

I have been bringing "little dancer" with me on some museum trips and to ballet performances. Very soon she is going to go to the Nutcracker with New York City Ballet! We can't wait!

"Little dancer" was amazed to meet Marie, The Little Dancer, by Edgar Degas

She was thrilled to see the Balanchine Celebration at City Center in NYC!
We went to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen to see New York City Ballet perform on tour: Magical!
My daughter practicing her ballet positions with Degas's The Little Dancer.

Here we are together for a moment backstage: she is ready to perform a Balanchine ballet in her tutu and pointe shoes. 

I have wanted to do a book about ballet for a very long time.  I have loved going to the ballet since my mother first brought me as a little girl. I brought my daughter, Lydia, when she was also very young. Then she wanted to start taking ballet classes when she was seven. Now she is quite grown up and dances with The New York City Ballet. Her journey from little dancer to professional ballerina inspired this book!

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Clare said...

Truly wonderful Monica! We can't wait for your lovely book to arrive!!