Tuesday, April 05, 2016

April is School Library Month

School librarian extraordinaire, Ms Rattner, (librarianleaps.blogspot.com) invited me to her school near Albany, NY. Librarians put so much work into making sure author visits go smoothly: Thank you!!!  School visits are so much fun. I love sharing my books and how I make them with children. 

I showed a bit of home life - They got a kick out of this picture of my cat: 

 And Zoe likes to hang out with me when I paint.

I explain how I first do research when I start a book. Here is a reference picture that helped me when I worked on Mr Cookie Baker

Here is my first sketch:

And after numerous revisions and versions, here is the picture in the book.

Later there was the chance for some of the children to do their own sketches based on famous French paintings. They were so creative. 

The theme of the evening activities was France (for the Readover Sleepover - in the library and classrooms!) Here I am together with Ms Rattner and Crepes by Suzette! It was a jam-packed visit: à bientôt and Merci!

Librarians are GREAT! Thank you for the tremendous write-up at LibrarianLeaps

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