Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glass collages by Dustin Yellin at NYCB

I'm loving New York City Ballet's annual Art Series - currently by Dustin Yellin, on the promenade of the theater. Each sculpture is made of thousands upon thousands of tiny bits and pieces floating in layers of glass.  Each time I went to the theater this past week I was on a treasure hunt for little dancers amongst the huge and imaginative array of collage elements.

And what a great first week it was! Very special to see a beautiful picture of NYCB's opening night Serenade on the front page of the New York Times, delivered to my front door on January 22: George Balanchine's birthday!

The opening night performance of Serenade, Agon, and Symphony in C was fabulously danced by all. And of course it was great fun to see my dancing daughter in eight different ballets in the first week's rep. Lots more to come. I'm getting in the mood for the second week by listening to Bach's Goldbery Variations as I write this.

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Annina said...

The collages are beautiful. I've never seen anything quite like them!