Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Next Big Thing (Blog Tour) continues:

 with several illustrators who I all know from my SVA Class:

Selina Alko  discusses her next book, A Case for Loving; The Fight for Interracial Marriage. She is working on it together with her husband, Sean Qualls. It will be a beautiful collaboration - I love this sample picture!

Mike Herrod  has a new book, Hiccup! Congratulations - this looks like a lot of fun!

And here is a link to Melissa Iwai  who previously did the blog tour about Truck Stop

and Susanna Pitzer and Rebecca Solow did the blog tour about their new projects.
Such talented people from SVA!

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Selina Alko said...

Wonderful to take part in this tour. Thanks for "tagging" me, Monica!