Sunday, December 12, 2010


Cookies are in full production at my home. Ballerinas, dinosaurs, ice cream cones, bunnies and elephants... I have a very big collection of cookie cutters.
Here is my recipe (and Mr Cookie Baker's)

To start out, you can click here for a coloring page from:

Time to get out those color pencils or sprinkles!

Here is the link to see inside and more about the making of Mr Cookie Baker.


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like a good cookie? Yours look beautiful as well as delicious.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cookies and delicious too. A excellent present for any child on a holiday or birthday. They will cherish this book for a lifetime.

monicawellington said...

And easy! I really worked hard on this recipe so that the cookies would be easy for kids and families to make, so that they would always turn out well. Since Mr Cookie Baker was published, I've gotten good feedback about that over the years!