Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Back from visiting friends and family - first in Oslo, Norway.

Marvelous was Frogner Park, full of hundreds of sculptures in metal and stone by Gustav Vigeland.

As most people know, I love ballet, so a highlight was seeing the Norwegian National Ballet at the beautiful new opera house. I saw an exciting multi-media experiment by Jorma Elo, "Touch" in the small theater, and then a big-scale full-length ballet by Jo Stromgren "Arstidene" on the the main stage.

Antwerp, in the Flemish part of Belgium is a little gem of a city.

However, the Royal Ballet of Flanders is in real trouble because of recent decisions by the Ministry of Culture. I encourage everyone to learn about the situation and voice their support here.

And then of course I went to London:

Coming out of the National Gallery at twilight, I felt like I was in the London of Maisie Dobbs (books by Jacqueline Winspear which I am reading right now)

I went to the Royal Ballet, and really enjoyed the dancing as well as the very lively atmosphere at Covent Garden. (I saw Onegin and a mixed bill of Ashton/Brandstrup/McMillan/Balanchine)

And we celebrated belated birthdays with very pretty and tasty cupcakes.
Returning I haven't been jet lagged at all, but I'm really having trouble acclimating back to New York. Sigh - Loved my fall trip to Europe!


Unknown said...

Cool new blog. Your trip to Europe looks like it was a lot of fun.

monicawellington said...

Thanks for the encouragement about this new blog. I'm learning my way around blogspot. I liked how blog-city worked but if they are disappearing, I have to make the change, so here I go...

Gillisbooks said...

Did you take all the pictures? The one of London with Big Ben is gorgeous! I have used Blogspot fpr several of my blogs and it is pretty easy to use though I found a little limiting. I am jealous of your trip, it looks wonderful.

Gwen Connolley said...

Monica, Your trip sounds wonderful! Didn't know you were from Norway. I lived in Stavanger briefly some years ago. Just returned from a great trip to Japan myself.
Following your class last spring, I finished my portfolio in a 2nd SVA class last summer and am now working on becoming an online presence. Your remarks about blogs are interesting. There is so much to learn re websites/blogs!

monicawellington said...

I was visiting friends in Norway, and family in England. (I was born in London) It was my first trip to Norway and I loved it there. These were all my photos - Thank you for the compliments.
If I can do a blog (on my quite old computer even!) anyone can do it!
Keep sending updates, Gwen. Good Luck!